Why Inspecting A New Home Is Crucial For Your Family’s Health & Safety

A pre-purchase building inspection is essential to ensure that there are no costly unforeseen maintenance or repairs that need to be done on a property you’re buying. However, more importantly, new home building inspections are vital to ensure your family’s health and safety. Both old and new buildings can contain health risks that aren’t always evident, as well as safety hazards caused by faults or poor maintenance. Building inspectors have the experience, knowledge and tools to seek out problems that the seller may not even be aware of. The effects of various health risks could range from relatively mild symptoms such as allergies to serious cases of irreversible damage and potentially life-threatening illness.

To explain just how crucial it is to have a new home inspected before moving in, here are just a few health and safety factors to consider:

Asbestos: Asbestos is a toxic material often found in older buildings. Health problems linked to asbestos exposure include respiratory problems, lung damage and even cancer.

Mould: Mould causes various allergy-like symptoms including nasal congestion, throat irritation, sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes, especially for those with sensitivities or reduced immunity. It can also lead to serious lung infections.

Chemicals Or Gas: New home building inspections can reveal unsafe levels of chemicals or gases, such as carbon monoxide. Low levels of carbon monoxide can lead to illnesses, while high levels result in more serious consequences. An inspection will reveal the need to improve the building’s ventilation.

Pests: Imagine moving into a new home only to find pests or rodents emerging! Inspectors can spot tell-tale signs of pests such termites and rats so you can arrange for extermination before moving in.

Electrical Issues: Electrical faults could result in electrocution, or even a fire being started. This can cause injury, death and property damage.

Building & Installations Issues: Both internal and external building components should be checked for structural damage that could cause harm. All installations including plumbing and heating systems, floor and wall coverings and even bathroom structures should be checked for safety risks.

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