Things To Look Out For Before Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is an exciting experience, filled with anticipation and a sense of personal growth. If you’re a first-time buyer, it’s easy to get so lost in daydreams of the future you’ll have in your home that you may well overlook critical aspects. Experience is the best teacher with decisions like buying a house, and many people who have previously owned homes will tell you what they wish they knew before they took the leap and bought the place. We’ve compiled a list of things to look out for while scouting for your new home.

1) Look Up

Often people are so caught up in the features inside and around a house that they forget one critical part to check: the roof. Roof damage can incur serious expenses and cause a lot of damage to your house, which is why it should be one of the first things you take a close look at. Check for broken roof tiles, leaky gutters and any form of degradation. If you can tell that the roof is relatively new, it’s a big plus as it will reduce your home insurance premium.

2) Check The Plumbing

As you walk through your potential new home, open cupboards and check the pipes and plumbing under sinks and basins. Often overlooked, leaky pipes can cause dangerous mould to grow in dark cupboards, while water damage will cause damage to shelving. Also be sure to turn on the taps in the kitchen, baths and showers, to check the house’s water pressure and to determine how quickly the water heats. Many new homeowners discover disappointingly weak water pressure after moving in, leaving them with years of arduously waiting for a tub to fill.

3) Look Beyond The Paint

Houses that are placed on the market almost always come with a fresh coat of paint to improve it’s appeal and resale value. However, sometimes that clean layer hides serious damage beneath. Look for areas that have been patched up, and any indications of corrections made as this tends to indicate cracks or other masked structural damage.

Lastly, get a home inspection done. Professional inspectors know what to look out for and have years of experience in identifying common cover-ups and other structural problems which most people would not notice. If you’re currently in the market for a house in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, contact Focal Point for a thorough inspection and report before you sign any paperwork.


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