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At Focal Point Building Inspections in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, we specialize in a variety of services required when you’re planning to sell, buy or invest in property. Many buildings have hidden defects and when you’re not a building expert, you wouldn’t know what to look out for so you can negotiate based on all the facts. This is where we come in. We conduct thorough inspections of properties in the market. Below is a comprehensive view of the services we provide.

New Home Inspections

Building a new home involves tremendous work. With various people working on site, it’s difficult to oversee all the work taking place. Our new home buildings inspection service focuses on a variety of aspects required for the sound construction and development of a home. We look at:

● Base Stage: we examine the land before the slab is poured or concrete stumps are put in
● Frame Stage: We examine the framework once completed, before internal walls and linings are installed
● Lock-up: We look at the stability of the doors, windows and the roof of the building
● Pre-painting: We check on the steadiness of the building before any painting takes place
● Handover: Once the above has been done and the area cleaned up, we’ll again check that everything’s in order
● Warranty inspection: We perform warranty inspections within 12 months of a build as a follow-up handover inspection

As part of our services, we go through pre-settlement handovers or construction stage handovers. Handovers are a means of affirming the building that has been constructed and built to Australian standards. We compile photographs and draft an easy to understand inspection report with a list of areas that need to be passed along to a builder for repairs or improvements.

What We Also Do:

As a fully insured and qualified property inspector, our team can also undertake pre-purchase building inspections. The aim of these inspections is to investigate:

● Building Interiors
● Building Exteriors
● Roof Spaces
● Under Floor Spaces (Subfloor)
● Roof Exteriors

What You’ll Pay For Standard Inspection Services

• Pre-Sale Building Inspection: From $349*
• Pre-Settlement Building Inspection: From $349*
• Pre-Purchase Building Inspection: From $349*

• Construction Stages (5 Stage Package): From $1499*
• Construction Stage (Base-Slab Stage): From $349*
• Construction Stage (Frame Stage): From $349*
• Construction Stage (Lockup Stage): From $349*
• Construction Stage (Fixing Stage): From $349*
• Construction Stage (Handover): From $349*

• Construction Stage (90 Day Warranty Period): From $349*

Dilapidation Report Melbourne & Sunshine Coast: From $349

*Pricing includes G.S.T and are based on a 1 bedroom Apartment.

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    Shaun conducted our pre-settlement inspection on our apartment that we purchased off the plan. Shaun had a good knowledge of our builders and had seen their work previously. He worked with us and the company to ensure everything was finalised as per the plans. His attention to detail was fantastic resulting in ensure elements such as light switch panels were level, painting marks were fixed etc. He was also useful in ensuring we understood how elements in our apartment were constructed e.g. floating tiles on balcony. Overall we were really happy with the outcome and would definitely use Shaun again.

    – Amy, Camberwell


    Focal Point were very easy to deal with,quick to respond and provided a great service.Shawn provided a very detailed report of the building condition and was happy to answer all of my
    questions – there were quite a few as this is the first time I’ve purchased a property. Would happily recommend him to others needing a building inspection.

    – Sean


    Focal point was excellent and very quick to get the job done.They coordinated with the agent to get the inspection done on our pre purchase house. Report was detailed and well structured and easy to understand. Pick up on almost everything we did not notice when we inspected the house. He also spends the time explaining every item he has documented in his report I would highly recommend Focal point (Shaun) if you need a building inspection done.

    – Olliver

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