The Requirement And Cost Of A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection In Melbourne & Sunshine Coast

When you’ve walked into your dream home, it’s very easy to get carried away on a wave of excitement over your idyllic new abode. The transfer goes through – you’ve spent all your hard-earned money and moved in, and suddenly the flaws start creeping out from hidden cracks. Now you’re faced with a nightmare!

Unexpected repairs or renovations can place you in an extremely precarious situation when they catch you unawares. However, this is a situation that you can avoid with a pre-purchase building inspection.

What do Building Inspections Cost?

In a large metropolitan city such as Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, the cost of building inspections can vary quite a bit. Prices are generally dependant on factors such as the size of the property and whether the area is outlying or urban. Pricing can be somewhat competitive, so make sure than you source a handful of different quotes from independent building inspectors and compare like with like. You want the inspection to be as thorough as possible in order to uncover all potential faults.

The peace of mind that is afforded to you with a thorough pre-purchase building inspection far outweighs the risk of potentially expensive, unexpected repair costs.

What is Included in the Cost of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

Buying a property is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, and you don’t want to add any unforeseen costs to the tag. For this reason, it’s crucial to find out as much as possible about the property before you sign on the dotted line. Remember that it’s not only the cost of the repairs you might have to undertake but also the cost of possible litigation in the case of serious issues that you may be faced with.

A range of issues like improper drainage, damp, leaks, water damage, rotting timber, sagging roofs, improper or ignored maintenance, amateur wiring, or dodgy renovations or additions can end up costing you long after settlement has been finalised.

Focal Point offers you reliable pre-purchase building inspections anywhere in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast. We provide expert insight into the condition of your property so that you can feel completely confident in the purchase of your dream home.

The report you receive within 24 hours of inspection will document all aspects of the property inside and out, including major structural defects, essential repairs, adherence to building codes, minor repairs or necessary maintenance and potential pitfalls. We also highlight the positives and potential assets of the property to help you fully understand and make the most of your investment.

Our inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards, the BCA, and all good building practices. For a thorough and independent pre-purchase building inspection at competitive rates, and invaluable peace of mind, contact us today to get a quick and easy quotation.

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