You’ve Received Your Building Inspection Report In Melbourne & Sunshine Coast. Now What?

Building or buying a new commercial property or home can be stressful. It’s a process that costs money and may be the most significant investment you make in your lifetime. Of course, you want to make sure that you get value for money in the long term. However, realistically speaking, anything can go wrong. It’s why there are measures you can put in place to help you make a sound decision. If you’ve decided to do the wise thing and arrange for a building inspection report from a reliable Melbourne & Sunshine Coast construction company, this guide is for you. Many people request reports but have no idea what to do with the information they receive. Follow these five simple steps once you receive it.

  1. Take A Moment To Read Through & Understand The Entire Report

More than anything, it’s fundamental that you have an understanding of the report and read it from beginning to end. Don’t leave the initial reading to anyone else or rely on the summary.

  1. Consult A Building Inspection Expert For Questions & Interpretation

If there’s anything you’re uncertain of, don’t hesitate to ask an expert. Sometimes industry jargon can throw people for a loop. Write down your questions and highlight parts of the report that you need clarity on.

  1. Compile A List Of Concerns & Order Them In Terms Of Priority

Once you fully understand the document, it‘s time to filter the information in order of importance. With help from a building inspector, you can decide which repairs and maintenance come first. Some of the issues won’t be urgent, while others will need immediate attention.

  1. Consider All Material Conditions That Affect The Condition Of The Property

The age, size, design, and location of the property have an impact on types of damage it may have. Remember this when you decide on how to act after reading the report. If a problem is cosmetic its usually easy to fix. However, if your brand new house has mould, this is a concern.

  1. Plan & Execute A Course Of Action Before You Move In

Once you complete all the steps above, you should make the decision that suits you best. A building inspection report is a guide for Melbourne & Sunshine Coast prospective property owners or potential buyers. You can use it to negotiate a lower asking price or request that the problems be fixed before you complete the purchase.

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