Pre Purchase Inspections Near Me


Selling a home? Don’t underestimate the importance of a pre purchase home inspection. When it comes to selling, you want to be armed with as much information as possible. You need to know your property in detail to help you maximise your asking price and ease the sale process. Call us for a pre purchase inspections near me service.


Discovering defects during the sale can push back settlement, force you to lower your asking price or even cause potential buyers to walk away. At Focal Point Building Inspections, we provide reliable and cost-effective pre purchase house inspection services carried out by independent property inspectors. We are registered builders and members of Master Builders Victoria with over 15 years of industry experience. Our team works closely with you to ensure that you get the most out of your home, as an independent entity you can trust!


We offer detailed pre handover inspection reports that thoroughly document the condition of your property. We outline all major and minor structural defects, repairs, potential issues, ongoing maintenance requirements, cosmetic damages and more. Our pre handover inspections near me service is second to none and we continuously aim to upgrade our inspection services in light with new changes to legislation.


Our pre purchase home inspection reports detail the following


1) Property Exterior – Including roofing, flashing, gutters, roof cavities, plumbing systems, installations, windows, doors and more.

2) Property Interior – Including flooring, floor coverings, sub-floor, skirtings, windows, doors, walls, fittings, tiling, cornices, showers, baths, basins and toilets and more.

3) Outbuildings – Including sheds, garages, carports, patios, verandas, decking, driveways, drainage areas, retaining walls, fencing, large trees and stumps and more


This is what sets us apart here at Focal Point, as we have been regarded as the most trustworthy, transparent and effective pre handover inspections near me company!


Pre-Sale Inspections – Why you need to complete it!

A pre handover inspection will provide you with detailed information regarding the condition of your property, including defects to be rectified, repairs to be made and maintenance to be carried out. Armed with this information, you can work out what work should be done before listing your property to help maximise your asking price.


When you hear the phrases “pre purchase inspections near me” or even “pre purchase home inspection” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – Focal Point! With over 30 years of experience and an everlasting itch for growth, our team has stable foundations and offers a leading pre purchase home inspection service for all clients!

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