Pre Handover Building Inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast


Are you in the market of buying a new property? Are you unsure of its condition and integrity? Fret and stress no longer as Focal Point are the leading team that are devoted to pre purchase building inspections, with a plethora of knowledge and experience in the industry. At Focal Point Building Inspections, we are 100% independent building inspectors with decades of knowledge. We are highly qualified registered builders with extensive industry experience. We carry out all inspections in line with the relevant Australian Standards, the BCA and all good building practices. When it comes to pre handover building inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast – call us!


Our leading building inspector and CEO, Shaun, has extensive experience working across a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial construction projects. He has worked as a site manager on numerous multi-million-dollar projects, including new builds, commercial fitouts and de-fits and refurbishments. If you are seeking certified and accredited pre handover building inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast – call Focal Point today!


With an in-depth knowledge of Australian Building Codes and Standards and an exceptional eye for detail and workmanship, Focal Point brings the full weight of considerable building expertise to each and every inspection. As an independent building inspector, Shaun will work for you and look out for your interests. He’s committed to documenting the condition of each and every property in meticulous detail to ensure that you can make the most informed property sale or purchase decisions. When it comes to pre handover building inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast or pre purchase building inspections – Focal Point is your dedicated team.

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