Dilapidation Report Melbourne

A dilapidation report is sometimes compiled prior to a building erection or purchase to capture its current state. It’s generally relied on to resolve any potential dispute between parties should a conflict arise regarding the property’s condition prior to its construction. It can be used for both residential and commercial buildings, municipal infrastructure and landscaped areas. The extent of the dilapidation report Melbourne usually depends on a project’s size. Large projects, like roads, tunnels and pipelines sometimes mean that dilapidation reports are carried out across thousands of properties at a time.

What This Report Includes

Signing a report is putting in place a safeguard should a dispute arise over alleged damage caused during the construction. For example, during this construction phase, neighbouring properties can sometimes have their property negatively impacted due to soil dewatering, construction errors and other unforeseen circumstances. In such an event, a dilapidation report will be relied on to determine if any structural faults were present before construction before the building, civil works or housing projects began. This way, it helps to avoid or limit issues and costly litigation that may arise between property owners and construction companies.

Who Conducts This Report

An independent, registered building inspector will compile the report, drawing on their experience and knowledge of a variety of construction types to identify parts of a building most vulnerable of any form of damage.

When Should A Dilapidation Report Prepared?

It’s crucial that this report is conducted at the beginning and final maintenance stages of any construction and before any major excavation or construction work, particularly when heavy machinery is to be used. Certain authorities might require it to be done on the area adjoining, over and under the proposed building or infrastructure works.

What Does It Cover?

A dilapidation report Melbourne covers both major and minor floor, wall, ceiling and cornice cracks on both internal and external walls. It also covers masonry fences, retaining walls, wall and floor tiling, the roof, roadways, kerbs and channelling on the property in question.

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Shaun conducted our pre-settlement inspection on our apartment that we purchased off the plan. Shaun had a good knowledge of our builders and had seen their work previously. He worked with us and the company to ensure everything was finalised as per the plans. His attention to detail was fantastic resulting in ensure elements such as light switch panels were level, painting marks were fixed etc. He was also useful in ensuring we understood how elements in our apartment were constructed e.g. floating tiles on balcony. Overall we were really happy with the outcome and would definitely use Shaun again.

– Amy, Camberwell