Inspections on New Constructions

Scheduling a new construction inspection is imperative. At every point, you want to make sure that your building team is carrying out their work to meet the relevant standards required for your home or property. ‘New’ doesn’t necessarily mean the building is up to par, which is why we offer construction stage inspections on buildings to ensure that your builder is meeting their obligations regarding the following elements:

● Base – this is carried out on the footing and overall slab dimensions, waterproofing membranes, waffle pods and steel reinforcements that keep a structure upright. We also investigate site drainage issues that may affect the foundation during upcoming construction.

● Frame – We inspect timber/steel frames and the building’s dimensions, structural connections and engineer details, with an emphasis on Australian standards. We also look at room dimensions, alignment and fixing of the frame to concrete slab. Finally, we examine whether the frame is level, straight and in good condition, not forgetting bracing and that it’s correctly installed. Structural engineering documentation from your builder is required here as this isn’t provided as part of the contract documentation.

● Lock-up – This examines the external wall cladding, checking rendered brickwork, polystyrene and weatherboards. We assess roof claddings, fascia boards, bargeboards, gutters, external doors and windows. We detect damage to coated surfaces, articulation joints, flashings and wee poles. We suggest repeating this inspection after 3 courses of laying bricks to ensure that excess mortar is removed from the membrane.

● Pre-plaster – This inspection is recommended after the first 2 stages to ensure all above elements have been covered. It examines isolation to perimeter and internal walls, allocating the right locations for wiring of light switches and power points, making sure that bath and shower bases are well installed as well as inspecting frame damage that may have been caused by installing electrical and plumbing systems and pipes.

● Fix – We check that all internal cladding, skirting, doors, built-in shelves, baths, sinks, cabinets, and cupboards are fitted and fixed in position for painting. This inspection will pick up on plastering defects needing to be rectified prior to painting.

● Final – Once the house is complete and all contractual obligations by the builder have been presented, we do a thorough inspection over all the items previously assessed as well as items that haven’t yet been assessed.

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Shaun conducted our pre-settlement inspection on our apartment that we purchased off the plan. Shaun had a good knowledge of our builders and had seen their work previously. He worked with us and the company to ensure everything was finalised as per the plans. His attention to detail was fantastic resulting in ensure elements such as light switch panels were level, painting marks were fixed etc. He was also useful in ensuring we understood how elements in our apartment were constructed e.g. floating tiles on balcony. Overall we were really happy with the outcome and would definitely use Shaun again.

– Amy, Camberwell