How To Compare Building Inspection Costs

You may have fallen in love with a house, but before you decide to take out a mortgage that you’ll have to pay for over the next 20 to 30 years, you should know what you’re buying into by hiring a professional building inspector to conduct an inspection. When looking for such a service, you’ll notice that inspection costs vary. The type and number of services involved, the location of the property and its size are the main factors that will determine the building inspection cost in melbourne. The cheapest building inspection services may not always be the most cost-effective option, as they might not provide a comprehensive inspection and instead take a superficial look around. To get your money’s worth, here’s what to consider when comparing building inspection quotes.

Time And Technical Requirements

The time it takes to inspect a one bedroom apartment will be relatively less than a four-bedroom family home. The quote should reflect all the areas an inspection will cover and what issues a contractor will be looking out for. Comprehensive inspections should include property additions and extensions, garages and driveways.

Location Of Property

Building inspection fees vary according to the region. These are typically higher in metropolitan areas while in regional areas you can expect to pay a lower price.

Specialist Expertise

You are paying a specialist contractor for their expertise and experience. A reputable contractor will have the appropriate insurance cover, testimonials and be registered with authority bodies.

Additional Services You Require

Some buyers require a termite inspection to be carried out in addition to a pre-purchase inspection. Additional charges may also apply to extra requests like building certificates.

When considering the cost of building inspection services, remember that you can’t put a price on peace of mind that you are purchasing a property. You want one that has a solid structural structure, with no nasty surprises lurking in the roof or behind the walls. Even if you’re selling and not buying, a building inspection report will create a positive impression and is an assurance to prospective buyers that your property is worth the price. For affordable building inspections in melbourne, make Focal Point the first contractor you call.

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