How Much Does A Building Inspection In Melbourne & Sunshine Coast Cost?

Building inspections can vary in cost depending on the amount of detail involved, and the sort of building being inspected. We take a look at what a general cost should be and what it should include.

Getting a building inspection done on the home of your dreams shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. Everyone should have an idea of the state of a building before buying it. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without having a road safety test done. This is precisely the same. Different size buildings will have different costs, as will the amount of detail in a report. So which one is best for you?

Small Properties

The smaller the property, the lower end of the scale your cost will be. You can expect to pay around $300 for a small property building inspection. This should include:

  • Plumbing and fixtures
  • Guttering
  • Doors and windows
  • Wiring and electrics
  • Roof space and ceilings
  • Alterations and add-ons
  • Low walls
  • Driveways

Average Size And Up

An average size house in a regional or urban area can run anything from $400 to $1000, depending on location and property size. Again, the above points should be included in the cost.

Pest Inspections

A pest inspection is generally cheaper to do than a full building inspection. Of course, this will only cover pest damage and will not tell you of any other building faults. You can have a pest inspection and a building inspection combined in certain instances. These usually run at about $100 to $150.

Comparing Quotes

As with anything, it is always a good idea to compare some building inspection quotes before you go ahead and have one done. Be sure that each inspection company offers the same coverage. Have a look at the forms carefully, and note any differences. Research the company online and read up on reviews and feedback to get a good idea about how they operate.  There are several building inspection services in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, choosing an unprofessional or cursory one may well come back to bite you in the future. Even if you are trying to save costs, remember that cheaper now is possibly more expensive in repairs later.

*All prices are a guide only and may vary from area to area.


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