Frame Stage Inspection


Under the Domestic Building Contract Act, before the builder can demand or receive the practical completion payment under the contract, they must ensure that: all of the contracted work has been completed in accordance with all relevant laws, legal requirements, plans and associated specifications. All minor defects and minor omissions identified or otherwise should be recorded on an appropriate, signed defects document, and the dwelling should be reasonably suitable for habitation. The contractor must provide the owner with certificates of inspections and warranties, including the final certificate issued by the Building Certifier. Here at Focal Point we are the pioneering team that administer leading frame stage inspection services and will ensure that your building is top notch.


Our frame stage inspection team has completed countless expert inspections across all of Melbourne & Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, we have a precise method that means everything is properly checked, which gives you peace of mind that any issues are identified. Some of the more common issues we find are walls overhanging the concrete slab, roof trusses not properly supported onto walls, and walls installed out of plumb. Frame Stage is reached once the wall and roof frame has been fully completed. Sometimes on double storey homes, the garage or other lower roof areas do not need to be finished to reach frame stage.


We’re here to give you peace of mind that your new home is properly built!


All house frames must comply with the relevant Australian Standard, AS 1684 – Residential Timber-Framed Construction, as well as the NCC’s Building Code of Australia, and the engineer’s drawings. With so many areas a frame can be defective, it is extremely important to have it thoroughly and properly checked. When you are seeking staged inspections near me, your mind should pinpoint to Focal Point. The industry professionals! Contact us today for staged inspections near me!

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