Four Indicators That You Need A Dilapidation Report On Your Melbourne & Sunshine Coast Property

Every property buyer out there is looking for something to call their own. The period right before you seal the deal is exciting because the potential is usually the driving force behind a purchase. One thing’s for sure, though: some buyers prefer more potential than others. While Person A may want to buy a finished product with little room for improvement, Person B might be enthusiastic about a huge renovation project. If you identify with the latter and you’re eyeing a mature property in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, a dilapidation report may be what you need. Here are four signs you should request one.

  1. The Home Or Business Property Has Been Standing For A Long Time

Many Aussies think that buildings that have stood the test of time don’t need checking. Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how strong and sturdy an old property is, it may be dilapidated in ways that aren’t immediately visible. An inspection and report can reveal all that.

  1. You’re Planning To Buy Or Sell The Property In Question

If you’re planning to buy or sell an old property, a dilapidation report can work in your favour. This document provides full disclosure of the property’s current condition, which means that sellers don’t have to do elaborate cover-ups and buyers know exactly what they’re getting into.

  1. There Are Plans For New Construction Works Near The Building

Heavy construction work can cause huge cracks and other damage to surrounding buildings. Arrange for dilapidation inspections before and after the construction takes place so that you have an official record of any resulting damage to your property. This protects your investment.

  1. A Disruption Such As A Building Demolition In The Vicinity Is In The Works

Another activity that could cause dilapidation is demolition in the surrounding area. Approach it the same way as in the previous situation – an inspection before and after to keep track of the cracks.

Hire A Seasoned Profession To Compile Your Demolition Report

Nobody wants to find themselves stuck with a health and safety hazard in the home or in an investment property. You deserve the peace of mind, so contact Focal Point for an expert dilapidation report in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast on your property today.

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