Five Benefits Of A Pre-Sale Building Inspection

When selling a property, building inspection services arranged by the buyer or property agent generally forms part of the process. So why bother arranging one of your own? Well, potential benefits include a higher selling price and a quicker sale. Here are five distinct benefits you can look forward to.

  1. ReducedOr Eliminated Delays In Selling: By scheduling an inspection as soon as you decide to sell, you can reduce or eliminate delays caused by required repairs or maintenance. This could be removing health hazards like mould or asbestos. It could also be building, electrical, plumbing or related repairs. Once the property is for sale, delays caused by required maintenance may result in losing interested buyers.
  2. Cost Saving: By knowing what needs to be done early in the process, you can shop around for the best pricing and services. This includes negotiating reduced deals for multiple services from certain suppliers. Also, once you hire a realtor, you have to pay them for the duration of the selling period. Getting repairs done before putting the property on sale can save you on unnecessary costs.
  3. A Better Selling Price: Addressing maintenance needs in advance means you can increase the initial selling price. This is especially valuable in cases where the buyer arranges a third-party cost appraisal. Also, in cases where maintenance is needed, buyers are likely to demand discounts that far exceed the actual costs to repair. Don’t risk being forced to agree to such reductions if you can sort these out at a much lower cost yourself.
  4. A Quicker Sale: Create a better first impression for prospective buyers. People make snap judgements based on what they see. Presenting a more attractive view for potential buyers results in a quicker sale, and most likely, less negotiation over the selling price.
  5. Home Improvements: The person inspecting your home knows exactly what adds value and what doesn’t. They could recommend a small recommendation on your home improvement worth investing in. Sometimes small amounts spent on improvements translate to higher returns received as part of the selling price.

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