Do I Need A Building Inspection Before I Sell?

Ensuring you receive your asking price on your listed property requires more than just fluffing up your pillows and offering potential buyers freshly baked cookies. It’s important that your house is in the best possible condition and is equitable to the selling price you’re asking for – although the value it has to you will differ for buyers who are looking for anything to negotiate your price down. Using building inspection services in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, like Focal Point, can make sure that your house is ready to sell without issues.

Before You List Your House…

Before listing your house with your local real estate agent, a building inspection is advised so that you can address any issues that may hurt your sale. Now you may feel that this will be just another cost when you’re trying to make money – but hiring a building inspector can provide peace-of-mind to both you and your buyer.

A professional will survey your property and inspect your building. This can include checking the structural integrity of your house as well as utility faults with your electricity and water. They can pinpoint poor water-proofing and note any plumbing issues throughout the house. Your inspector will also provide you with a report detailing any faults found, advising on how to resolve them and can suggest a secondary visit to your property to conduct another review. Not only are building inspectors required to be certified, but they also have expertise in construction, electrical work, and plumbing. This means you can trust their advice.

What Next?

Sticking duct tape over gaping holes and hoping potential buyers won’t notice may work but can seriously jeopardise the sale of your home or open you up to being sued in the future. By showing potential buyers you’ve repaired significant issues highlighted by a building inspection – you’re selling to them on the promise of compliance and good faith, which some may feel is convincing enough for them to make an offer.

Once you receive a comprehensive report back from a building inspection, you can either choose to address the issues or make your real estate agent aware of them. If you have no faults, hand it over to your potential buyers to show that the house is in a good state. Instead of facing the legalities of facing a false sale by covering up issues or choosing not to do a check, consider hiring building inspection services in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast for reassurance. Contact Focal Point today to see what we can do for you and your house.


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