A Checklist For Finding The Right Pre-Purchase Building Inspectors In Melbourne & Sunshine Coast

So you’re ready to purchase that new home or office building, but you need a final go-ahead from an objective expert. As a property purchase will be the most expensive investment you’ll ever make, you can’t afford to. We’ve crafted this guideline to help property owners source a reliable company or individual to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection on their future Melbourne & Sunshine Coast property purchase. With an inspector that you can trust on your side, you can make ensure nothing slips through the cracks – and that there are no cracks, to begin with!

  1. First Things First: Qualifications & Experience

It’s crucial that your inspector of choice is qualified and licenced to operate. Don’t be shy to ask for proof as it’s not worth it to risk trusting someone without the necessary knowledge and expertise to get the job done. Look into their experience, go through their online reviews and call a few references to get a good idea of the calibre of professional they are.

  1. Project-Specific Expertise

Think of the process of selecting a building inspector in the same way that you would go about picking a suitable weapon to protect yourself in combat. It’s no use bringing a knife to a gun fight! Building or buying a cozy house isn’t the same as building or buying a massive office high rise. It’s for this reason that you should hire a pre-purchase inspector who specialises in the type of property you’re working on acquiring.

  1. Membership To Industry Associations

Organisations such as the Housing Industry Association and Association of Building Consultants are there to set standards and hold those conducting pre-purchase building inspections in Australia to account. If you find an inspector that’s a member of one, you know that they take their work seriously and hold themselves to a high standard as well.

  1. The Relevant Insurance To Protect The Interests Of All Parties

Don’t find yourself left out in the cold with an uninsured or inadequately insured inspector when you’ve got a lot to lose. Their coverage means you have coverage. There are certain types of insurance only qualified; licenced pre-purchase inspectors can access.

Finding and hiring the right inspector might take a bit more time, but it’s nothing compared to a lifetime of being shackled to a property that doesn’t meet your expectations. Focal Point provides quality pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, so contact us today so we can arrange yours!

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