Buying Or Selling Property? Why You Should Get A Building Inspection Done

Are you thinking about taking the leap and buying a house? Or perhaps you’ve already got your eye on your dream home and are making preparations to secure the purchase? Whatever the case, investing in property is a serious and significant step where you’ll reap the benefits – or suffer the consequences of – for many years to come. In many typical property purchases, unexpected issues often arise only after the purchase has gone through, leaving you to deal with correcting and dealing with problems you weren’t aware of before you signed the paperwork. This is why a precautionary building inspection is so important before you finalise your decision.

Why Is A Building Inspection So Important?

1) It Identifies Structural Issues That You May Not Notice With The Naked Eye

A trained professional will inspect the entire building and determine whether it’s structurally sound, while also looking for problem areas and developing issues which will end up causing trouble and costing you money to correct at a later stage.

2) It Helps You Plan Your Repairs And Maintenance Budget More Accurately

If you have an extensive report of where problem areas lie, you’ll be able to get a more comprehensive understanding of what purchasing and fixing up the property will cost you. Often buyers set a budget according to what they can see needs work or areas they’d like to enhance, for example putting up a fence and repainting the house. Unfortunately, there tend to be a lot of unpleasant surprises down the road when you’re left facing cracks, leaks or other issues that weren’t apparent before.

3) It Allows You To Deal With Problems Before They Worsen

With the inspection report, you’ll be able to save future damage or further degradation of your building by patching up and correcting even the smaller issues upfront.

4) It Helps You Determine The True Value Of The Property

While estate agents and sellers may try to coax a few extra thousand (or ten thousand) out of you, a building inspection report will give you a clear image of what the property is worth – damage and flaws considered.

If you want absolute peace of mind with your decision to buy property, contact Focal Point for a certified building inspection anywhere in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast. Our team of experts are highly qualified and will provide you with a down-to-the-point report on what to expect of your new home.

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