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Welcome to Focal Point Building Inspections, the industry leading building property inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast team that have been dedicated in administering state of the art leading house inspection services. With an in-depth knowledge of Australian Building Codes and Standards and an exceptional eye for detail and workmanship, our team brings the full weight of our considerable building expertise to each and every inspection. Our phenomenal knowledge and experience dealing with a wide range of inspection projects makes us the most experienced and trustworthy team of building inspectors in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast.


A reliable building property inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast service will:


-Identify structural defects

-Document any major or minor repairs needed

-Identify ongoing maintenance issues

-Identify potential problems before they occur

-Highlight assets or positive aspects of the property

-Ensure each stage of construction is properly completed


We provide comprehensive property inspection reports, prepared by our qualified building inspectors, that help you make an informed decision about one of the most important investments you and your family will make. We offer the most comprehensive reports currently available that do not meet but exceed AS 4349.1, and AS 4349.0.


With a comprehensive building inspection service, you can bid at auction with confidence and negotiate the best purchase or sale price without fear of surprises. Here at Focal Point we really go above and beyond for client satisfaction, working in line with the necessary standards to ensure you get the best building property inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast service there is. If you’re building an independent building, property inspection is essential to ensure that your builders and contractors have satisfied all contractual obligations and that all work complies with all relevant building standards, codes and practices.

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