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Once you decide to buy a home, it’s easy to become riddled with anxiety about all kinds of things. How do you know if everything works as it’s supposed to? What if that fresh coat of paint is hiding some nasty cracks? Sure, the property may look great at face value, but there are many things that the untrained eye can miss. Amid all this uncertainty, it’s easy to fall victim to the rumour mill. Building inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast are crucial for making an informed purchase. That is where we come in a leading building inspector near me for you!


The in’s and out’s of an Inspection

Our accredited and sophisticated inspectors will check for decay in the structure, cracked walls and note the condition of timber materials within the house. A comprehensive check will be done on both the interior and exterior of the house, to confirm that there are also no pest infestations or rotting construction materials present. Poor installation, faulty electrical wiring, and outdated plumbing are other problems to keep an eye out for. This is what sets us apart here at Focal Points and renders us as the leading Building inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast team!


Not every home inspector is truly qualified to perform an inspection. And it can be tough for homeowners to judge the professional qualifications and experience of a home inspector.


Professional house inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast provide a detailed understanding of the legalities and codes surrounding the construction and property industries. There’s no one better positioned to give you a transparent account of your new house’s condition. Here at Focal Point we are the industry leading team of house inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast and administer impeccable and comprehensive reports to ensure that your home and or new home is in tip top condition. If you’re in need of a house inspections Melbourne & Sunshine Coast service, we’ve got you covered. Contact Focal Point today.

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