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Devotion, credibility and transparency are all synonymous to Focal Point Building Inspections. We are the pioneering team that is responsible for inspecting and providing documentation regarding a home and administer the best building inspections Sunshine Coast. Our CEO, Shaun, has a plethora of experience and knowledge and will administer a leading building inspection services Sunshine Coast. Like doctors with specialties, professional appraisers and home inspectors can see things that their customer typically cannot. It’s vital that both professionals be involved in the process. The building inspections Sunshine Coast must be carried out in an effective manner, whilst following all the standards. Here at Focal Point we go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and that nothing is missed.


GOOD TO KNOW: Before engaging a builder for a building property inspections Sunshine Coast service, you should always check their registration to ensure that it is current and that there are no outstanding disciplinary actions against their name. You can access Shaun’s building practitioner registration by visiting the Victorian Building Authority website and entering his VBA registration number (DB-U 42437).


No property is perfect. There will always be defects, repairs and maintenance. However, we believe that just because a house has defects, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. Our aim is not to discourage you from buying the house you love, but to give you the information you need to make informed decisions and buy or sell with confidence. This is what sets us apart here at Focal Point Building Inspections and we take pride in ensuring clients receive a building of high quality without major defects. This is our niche and hence why we are labelled as the  property inspections Sunshine Coast company.


With an in-depth knowledge of Australian Building Codes and Standards and an exceptional eye for detail and workmanship, Focal Point brings the full weight of considerable building expertise to each and every inspection. If you are seeking the best inspections Sunshine Coast or building property inspections Sunshine Coast at equitable pricing – contact us today!

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