4 Flooring Issues That Can Be Detected With A Melbourne & Sunshine Coast Home Inspection

The process of shopping around for your ideal home can be as exhilarating as it is nerve-wracking. Whether you choose to invest in an existing structure or build a new one from scratch, it’s essential that you rope in expert opinion about the true condition of the building. All homes will have flaws, and we often forget the areas out of sight – like what’s going on beneath our floors. Structural irregularities and failures are common, but most go undetected until too late as they aren’t always visible to the naked eye. It’s why prospective homeowners should opt for a professional home inspection Melbourne & Sunshine Coast before purchasing any Melbourne & Sunshine Coast property.

So, what are the most common flooring problems that you could face? In this article, we’ll list a few of them and explore repair and prevention methods that may work for you.

Flooring Issue #1: Poor Support Structures

Unfortunately, squeaky floors aren’t reserved for isolated cabins in horror movies. Many mature homes have this problem, which usually points to a rickety support structure beneath the floor. Depending on the extent of the damage, a squeaky floor can cost you lots of money. Call in an expert to double-check just how bad the problem is.

Flooring Issue #2: With Age And Weather Comes Saggy Floors

The climate in an area impacts properties in many different ways. From expansion and shrinkage when it gets hot or cold to the effects of humidity and moisture over time, it is common for even new floors to become uneven. If a home inspector finds uneven floors in your Melbourne & Sunshine Coast home-to-be, it should be taken seriously. It just might save you from safety and structural threats, along with all the money you’d have to spend doing damage control.

Flooring Issue #3: Cracks In The Foundation & Flooring

In addition to making floors uneven, changes in weather can also cause cracks from your foundation all the way up to your floors. However, it’s not always a natural progression. Cracks can also form as a result of greater structural issues. In simple cases, a bit of silicon caulking or epoxy with a waterproof sealant top coat can do the trick. Just make sure it’s something that doesn’t require more intensive work before you seal the deal.

Flooring Issue #4: Pests, Dampness & Mold From Carpeted Floors

Carpets can add character and beauty to a home, but they’re not always ideal health wise. They tend to harbour dust and debris while creating an ideal environment for small pests to thrive and for mould to spread. You won’t always smell or see the problem right away, so get experienced and equipped professional on your side to see if the carpets need a good clean or total replacement.

Taking the time for a flooring inspection is something you’ll never regret. Contact the experts at Focal Point for all your home inspection needs in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast.

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