3 Key Factors That Count When Determining Building Inspection Costs in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast

There’s nothing more empowering than finding or building your perfect home in the location of your dreams. Property is a significant investment that you can use in various ways for years or even decades to come. Before you sign on the dotted line, though, you need to be certain that your home is in good condition. A building inspection is one of the final steps that can help you decide if you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

You request a few quotes from local building inspectors, and the numbers they’ve provide you aren’t what you expected. A friend of yours had an inspection done recently, and they didn’t pay half as much as what you’re being quoted for. Are you wondering what determines the building inspections cost in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast or anywhere else in Australia?

There’s a broad range of factors that contribute to the pricing, depending on your unique property. In this blog, we break these down to help you understand what goes into its pricing.

  1. Is Your Property In A Rural, Metropolitan Or Regional Area?

The position of your property has an impact on the types of problems you may encounter, which will affect the cost of your building inspection service. For example, termite infestations are common in urban Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, so an inspection here will need to include this specific type of assessment. Another example is buildings in coastal areas. Homes in humid areas develop mould more often and rapidly, and evaluation to determine if this is present will cost more.

  1. What Type Of Building Inspection Do You Require?

Building inspections differ for a new build or the purchase of an existing structure. The type you require will depend on things such as the location, immediate surrounds, and design of the home. A structural inspection for an older structure or heritage home would be much more comprehensive, while a pest inspection in a new home would be less vigorous.

  1. What’s The Level Of Expertise On Offer?

Remember that when you pay for a building inspection service, you’re buying expertise. A licensed company with experienced professionals will cost more than a chancer without a clue how to do the job. However, it would be worth it to invest in having the right person do the job, as you’ll likely only have to do it once and will benefit from a guarantee.

Any building inspector you choose should be able and willing to break down their costs for you so that you can see what you’re paying for. Contact Focal Point to find out how much top tier building inspections will cost you in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast.

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